Legal framework for EU pilots
The legal framework for aviation is extremely daunting for those looking up requirements for either work or study. With this guide I hope to make it a little clearer for those in Europe working towards a Commercial Transport licence, or those currently Exercising the privileges.

ICAO - What is it?
Member states sign up and try to follow SARPs (Standards and Recommended Practices)
Documents include:

  • PANS-OPS 8168 - Procedures for Air Navigation Services – Aircraft Operations
  • PANS-ATM 4444 - Procedures for Air Navigation Services – Air Traffic Management

ICAO standardises things from machine readable passports to the International Standard Atmosphere (ISA).
The documents are great for guidance, but you will be governed by your country's AIP (Aeronautical Information Publication).
Thus far I have not been able to obtain a legitimate link to download PANS-OPS - apologies.

AIP - What is it?
Standing for Aeronautical Information Publication, in the UK it is published by NATS (formerly National Air Traffic Service). It contains the state rules and regulations governing aviation. It is amended using the AIRAC cycle every 28 days.
It is split into three sections:

  • GEN - General section
  • ENR - Enroute section
  • AD - Aerodrome section.

If you are operating domestically, it should have most of the information you need. It should also list differences from ICAO standards.